Internet Services

Blazing fast internet, and easy to install, we have the speeds you need, the prices you want to pay – and no contracts, no limits.


Starcomm is an easy, one-step phone solution for all your phone-mobility-video-conferencing-meeting-sharing needs. Starcomm simplifies unified communications while offering advanced features, nearly limitless scalability and cost savings unattainable by previous technologies.

Partnered with Dentist Concierge, Starcomm brings over 17 years of professional experience designing, implementing and supporting tailored phone systems to you and thousands of clients looking for the perfect communications solution to support their business.

Thanks to Dentist Concierge, the Starcomm solution is available to you at their preferred rate, saving you even more!

Wireless Security
and Camera Systems

Time and Labor costs can be greatly reduced by using wireless to send IP camera signals. This solves the problem of how to get camera signals from hard to reach areas back to the network video recorder. Instead of installing wires in conduit which quite often requires digging through concrete, sidewalks and even pavement, wireless can also be accomplished at a minimum of the cost.


Our IT professionals can:

Build and install your computers and networks.

Consulting services at a reasonable price.

A complete dental practice management software at a fraction of actual systems available.


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