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A Message from the

Dentist Concierge Team

The Dentist Concierge is proudly Canadian owned and operated. Having been in the dental industry and design business for over 24 years, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the leading industry.

 The Dentist Concierge is like no other company on the market!

Not only do we provide a variety of dental equipment and supplies to dental health professionals in Canada…

We help business owners identify their objectives and build a plan to achieve them, initially at a strategic level but just as importantly at a tactical and operational level.

Our team consists of experts in every sector of the dental industry.  Our staff customizes the necessary requirements to meet the individual needs of each client.

Specializing in the unique custom design of each dental office is our forte!  From the first meeting to completion, our clients are guaranteed the utmost respect and award winning service, regardless of the scale of the project.  Our team will guide you through the necessary steps with support and advice to help you make the absolute best decisions every step of the way in the creation of your dream clinic.

Why use Dentist Concierge?

The most important reason to use the Dental Concierge is our service is FREE!  Our knowledge and expertise that we have acquired over the past 24 years in the business is a given to you, our client.  Where most other companies charge a management fee for their services – we do not!

The Dental Concierge team understands that building a new dental office can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience, and that is why we have created this unique company to assist you with every aspect of building a clinic from start to completion with no worries of high management or service fees.

Our first step is to sit down and walk you through the planning and design process. We’ll help you organize construction, while taking into account your budget, goals and timeline.  Our collaboration with you doesn’t end at the planning stages our team will work with you throughout the entire project, ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality of construction.  Our team of highly-trained craftsmen are dedicated to giving you not just a new space, but a work of art for you to enjoy on a daily basis.  Our full warranty plan is confirmation that we take pride in our work.

Our company offers on site project management, designers, planners, construction & Installation, equipment sales, support persons and location experts.